Meet the team

Christine R


Salon Owner | Stylist

Christine opened Artistix Salon in 2003 with the vision of creating a space that was welcoming to men and women alike. "I wanted to build a salon where everyone was comfortable; where everyone felt special." With that passion and 30+ years experience in the greater chicagoland area, Christine has done it all. She's been a mentor, an educutor, a confidante, and a boss. If you ever have the chance to get a service with Christine, you'll sit down and feel like she's the stylist that you've been seeing your entire life. From classic hair to way out-of-the-box creations, Christine can expertly create a style that's uniquely you. Just like she always dreamed. 


Favorite Hair Product - Redken Quick Tease "Voume and Texture in just one product. Who doesn't want a little extra oomph?"

Favorite Body Product -Body Butter "It's made my skin the softest it's ever been in my entire life. Its organic and just smells delicious."

Jessica B



 Stylist | Make-Up Artist | Redken Artist, Certified Haircolorist & Educator 

For Jessica our Resident Triple-Threat, it's more than JUST about doing hair - A LOT more!  “I do hair because I get to use my creativity while making personal connections with my guests. I get to be a part of helping them find their beauty and confidence, inside and out. I absolutely love my job and wouldn't change it for the world. When not in the salon Jess unwinds by cooking, hanging outdoors, and online shopping. 

Favorite Hair Product - I cannot live without Pureology 21 Spray and neither can anyone else! It has so many benefits such as detangling, smoothing, adding shine, and providing heat protection and UV protection. Any product you use on top of it will work even better. 

Favorite Body Product - The new 24k Luxe Facial Oil! It has all organic rose hip, sea buckthorn, argan, and jojoba oils to name a few. I use it alone or mix it with a moisturizer. My skin has been loving it, and it never feels too heavy or greasy. A little goes a long way. 

Sarah G




Sarah has been at Artistix since the day the doors opened. She followed Christine from her first salon and she loves it here. No, Really. “I’ve known since I was very little that I wanted to to be a hairstylist. It always came easy to me, as other stuff did not. I enjoy the clients. I love my work family. It makes going to work everyday worth it. There is no comparison to the feeling of making people feel pretty and love how they look.” Sarah is the Freebird in the salon. She has the travel bug and her wanderlust is REAL. Fun Fact, like Heather, Sarah has a soft spot for peanut butter. However, she also LOVES pickles. “Not necessarily together but I am NOT opposed to trying that. Yum!”

Favorite Hair Product - Moroccan oil root boost. “I can use it to blow out a style or use it and let it air dry. Either way, it gives my hair and others hair it’s life back. To me, it’s a magical product." 

Favorite Body Product - Luxe Oil. “Hands down the best thing I’ve used. Try the 24Karat or Lavender after a day in the sun and watch your burn or achy skin heal by the next day!”

Stephanie M




Stephanie is an artist and hair has been her medium for 20+ years. “I have always just had a love for hair.” And, here we are today. In life and in the salon Stephanie is always that careful friend. Don’t step on a crack. Each foot hits every board of a pier. Biking? She definitely remembers her helmet and may even bring you one too. You get the picture. What that has made Stephanie is an absolute expert in precision cutting, the most natural-looking highlights,, and a truly customized color formulation that fits you like no color you’ve ever had before! Given her pension for creativity and precision its no wonder that when she’s not in the salon she’s crafting. Though you can also bump into her on her bike or swimming at a local pool or beach. In case the picture isn’t clear enough, Stephanie’s ZEN place is…. doing laundry. 

Favorite Hair Product - Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil - “The original. I just love it. Trade Secret - use it as a moisturizer too!”

Favorite Body Product - Detox facial bar. “It evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin feeling clean but not squeaky clean and tight.”

Heather K



 Whether you’re looking for modern or timeless, Heather has you covered. Her passion for the hair industry remains constant in the salon. “I love being a hairstylist because this industry is ever-changing and evolving. I love learning new techniques to keep my clients looking young and current.” By day she a stylist-extraordinaire, by night she’s superwoman Supermom. Heather spends a good deal of time with her children, supporting their academic goals and activities and even volunteering with them when duty calls. Need a recipe that calls for peanut butter? It’s Heather’s favorite, especially meted. She can whip your hair in to shape with a blowout that's out of this world while sharing her favorite recipes. 

Favorite Hair Product - Pureology Hydrate Shampoo. I love it because it has the finest ingredients and it nourishes the hair and the scalp.

Favorite Body Product - The shave bar. It leaves my legs very soft and hydrated. 

Janet M




Spend a moment with Janet and you’ll realize she’s all about joy. “There is a special inner joy we give to our clients when we make them feel beautiful.” Your joy is her joy. When she’s not behind the chair you can find Janet watching sports, cooking a meal (we love when she brings us treats), or traveling the world. Janet likes to dance like no one is watching. Feel free to jump in and bust a move with her. 

Favorite Hair Product - Moroccan oil smoothing lotion. “It makes unruly hair smooth, adds shine in the hair, and smells great.” 

Favorite Body Product - Sugar cubes “They make your legs feel so smooth and soft.”

Rachel R



Rachel pursued a career in Hair Styling because she enjoys flexing her creative muscles and enjoys making her clients feel great about themselves. What’s more creative than Balayage and Up-Dos? Those are just a few of Rachel’s favorite services that she offers. She is also excellent at big beautiful beachy blowouts. Rachel is a self-professed theater nerd, so she’s probably got a song in her head while working her magic on yours. 

Favorite Hair Product - Pureology beach wave sugar spray. “It gives great texture to achieve beachy waves without drying the hair out.” 

Favorite Body Product - “The sugar scrubs are my favorite because they smell amazing and make my skin soft.” - RR

Wayne W



Wayne splits his time between Artistix Salon and a salon in the heart of the Gold Coast in Chicago. He’s been doing hair for 30+ years and his experience shows in every cut, color, and blowout. “I started doing hair at a time when not a lot of men were in the industry. It was a time when women were coming to women for a roller set and their weekly appointment. It’s been amazing to watch the industry change.” With all of that experience and his ongoing passion to work at 2 salons to make sure his guests are fully catered to, you can bet that a cut or color with Wayne will not only be flawlessly executed, but your experience in his chair will be exceptional as well. 

Favorite Hair Product - Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray in Extra Strong “I’ve used A LOT of hairsprays and this one is strong, but layerable. Start slow, style how you want, brush it out a little, restyle and apply again. Your hair will hold up to almost any weather.”

Favorite Body Product - Bath Bombs “Everyone should take the time to relax and treat themselves to a bath when they can. Why not make it fun and beneficial to your skin at the same time?”

Chrissy W



Chrissy got into hair for the love of being a positive effect on someone’s life. She really relishes that she has the ability to make someone’s day or create a long-lasting impact for the better on her clients. And make an impact she does; she’s been doing for 18 years.  “The industry is great because it’s ever-evolving. I like to take the guesswork and fear out of trying something new. I follow and stay current on all of the latest hair trends so I can keep you looking modern and your style fresh.” On the other end of the spectrum, Chrissy admits that she could eat pizza, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and not get tired of it. Find her at your local pizza place or having a pizza party with her family. 

Favorite Hair Product - Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry “It gives the hair a beautiful shine without ever leaving it greasy.”

Favorite Body Product - The Detox Facial Bar - “It does wonders for clearing up your skin.”

Beth T



“My Grandpa put a pair of sheers in my hand when I was 12 years old and taught me how to cut his hair. My passion started with that very first cut and it was something I knew I wanted to pursue since that very day.” We’d say her passion paid off. Looking to try out some fashion colors? Beth’s got your back head. Want a super tailored men’s cut? Go to Beth. Classic Hair, Trendy Hair, whatever you can dream of in your head, Beth can do. After all, she’s been dreaming those very same dreams every since she was little. Her passion has created a few funny little quirks too. In the salon she is VERY particular about the position of her chair. “I’m really OCD about, really, the weirdest stuff.”

Favorite Hair Product - Pureology Beach Waves Sugar Spray “Whether I’m running out of the house and letting my hair air dry or using my curling iron, this is my go-to.”

Favorite Body Product - Detox Facial Scrub “It’s just simply amazing. You have to try it!”

Brandy S



With Brandy, life is a series of memorable moments. “Nothing beats seeing that smile on a client’s face and knowing that you are part of the reason for their joy. I love bringing joy into people’s life. And, I get to do it on a daily basis." Are you looking for a stylist that makes you comfortable and is super easy to talk to? Brandy is the stylist for you! Brandy loves the Glitz and Glam of Vegas and spends as much time there as she can. When she’s not jetsetting you’ll find Brandy with her friends and her dog. Because a dog is a ladies best friend too! Remember we said DOG not FROG. Brandy has an irrational fear of Frogs. Yes, in that funny way where its fun to joke with her about it. 

Favorite Hair Product - Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion “I love how sleek this makes hair look without making it look weighed down.”

Favorite Body Product - Sugar Cubes “Because they’re packaged as a dry good and you add your own water, these are a dream to travel with. Throw a couple in a ziplock and add it to your travel bag and you're good to go. Soft skin - anywhere in the world.”

Kimmie D



“I have always loved doing my friends and family’s hair. My favorite part about doing hair is seeing the smile on the clients face when I’m done with their service, that makes my job not seem like work”. When not behind the chair, Kimmie describes herself as a “Homebody.” Reading and spending time with her people (and cat) are some of Kimmie’s favorite things to do. Bring her food though, and she’ll love you forever. Random Fact about Kimmie - She has an “irrational fear of whales.”

Favorite Hair Product - Morrocan Oil Dry Shampoo in Light. “It saves my life on days I’m too lazy to wash my own hair!”

Favorite Body Product - Anything from the detox line. “I have sensitive skin and the detox line is not too harsh on me at all!”